Kids can only dream as big as they’ve seen

Young people need culturally relevant programming and talent-building education to connect the dots between their organic interests and the jobs of tomorrow. That’s why we do what we do — the future of our community depends on it. At Rabble Mill, we know when we invest in our youth, they invest in Nebraska.

What We’re About

Rabble Mill is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to work with Nebraska youth statewide toward achieving the belonging, purpose, and upward mobility necessary to grow, achieve, and reinvest in their community. 

Through out-of-school-time programming in Omaha, Lincoln, and statewide, we create opportunities for K-12 youth to fall in love with skateboarding, music and digital creation — teaching social-emotional and technical skills along the way. In fall 2022, our Lincoln youth-engagement center, The Bay, will host its first class of 50 juniors and 50 seniors daily through Bay High Focus Program, in partnership with Lincoln Public Schools.

Our Core Values

  • Raise the Tide
  • Dream Differently
  • Celebrate Others
  • Honor Relationships
  • Solutions Not Problems
  • People Over Policy
  • Make It Fun

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